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Painted Soda Bottles Collectors Association

PSBCA Mission

Founded in 1988, The Painted Soda Bottles Collectors Association (PSBCA) is a nationwide collectors' group dedicated to promoting the collecting and preservation of Applied Color Label (ACL) soda bottles, one of the fastest growing interest in the bottle collecting society

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  Collecting ACLs

How ACL collecting has evolved over the years and how the community and demand has greatly increased in the last decade!

History of Applied Color Labels

Have you ever wondered how the Applied Color Label process started? What type of bottle started the soda ACL era? This article gives you the complete history of the ACL

PSBCA Membership offers:

  • Open Forum topics with the many ACL collectors
  • Knowledge articles and facts focused on the many ACL brands
  • Real-time price of historical sales of "Top Shelf" ACLs
  • Forum for Buying, Trading, and Selling your collectibles.
  • Club sponsored events
  • Club member and collection spotlights
  • Long-lasting friendships with members who share your interests.

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